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Oil and Gas Field Services Salary Survey
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ERI and its affiliates provide quality corporate planning salary survey data to over 10,000 subscribers, including government agencies, expert witnesses, courts, and professional compensation analysts. ERI Assessor Series report on a wide range of locations.

PAQ assists ERI in providing Global Salary Calculator values derived from job family (generalities) parsed by PAQ's eDOT Skills & Competency Project work measures.

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After-Shave Preparations Manufacturing, Antimony Concentrates Mining and/or Beneficiating, Bath Salts Manufacturing, Blende (Zinc) Mining and/or Beneficiating, Blood Fractions Manufacturing, Bonding, Fidelity or Surety Insurance, Direct, Botany Research & Development Laboratories or Services, Burial Insurance Carriers, Direct, Casing-Head Butane & Propane Production, Condominium Time Share Exchange Services, Copper Ore & Nickel Ore Mining, Cotton Balers & Presses Manufacturing, County Supervisors of Education (except School Boards), Curers, Tobacco, Manufacturing, Education Offices, Nonoperating, Garden Machinery & Equipment, Powered, Manufacturing, Grantmaking & Giving Services, Grass Mowing Equipment, Powered Lawn & Garden, Manufacturing, Lawn Edgers, Powered, Manufacturing, Lead Ore Mining and/or Beneficiating, Life Sciences Research & Development Laboratories or Services, Manganiferousares Ores (not Valued for Iron Content) Mining and/or Beneficiating, Mercury (Quicksilver) Mining and/or Beneficiating, Oil, Waste, Merchant Wholesalers, Pitchblende Mining and/or Beneficiating, Presses, Farm-Type, Manufacturing, Product Warranty Insurance Carriers, Direct, Residue Gas Production, Sewage Treatment Plants or Facilities, Shelters (except for Victims of Domestic or International Disasters or Conflicts), Emergency, Shelters, Battered Women's, Sororities (except Residential), Utilities, Veterinary Research & Development Laboratories or Services, Workers' Compensation Insurance Underwriting


Accommodation, Augers, Mining-Type, Manufacturing, Azides Explosive Materials Manufacturing, Color Pigments, Inorganic (except Bone Black, Carbon Black, Lamp Black), Manufacturing, Community Action Service Agencies, Computer & Electronic Product Manufacturing, Corundum Mining and/or Beneficiating, Credit Repair (Counseling) Services, Consumer, Dental Impression Materials Manufacturing, Fabric Softeners Manufacturing, Fruit Pickling, Fuel Cells, Solid-State, Manufacturing, Integrating Electricity Meters Manufacturing, Iron Castings, Unfinished, Manufacturing, Mailing Equipment Rental or Leasing, Memorial Gardens (Burial Places), Pneumatic Hose Fittings, Fluid Power, Manufacturing, Poultry Catching Services, Printing, Gravure (except Books, Grey Goods, Manifold Business Forms), Processing Financial Transactions, Refining Aluminum, Primary, Rifles, Pneumatic, Manufacturing, Scissors, Nonelectric, Manufacturing, Sewing, Needlework & Piece Goods Stores, Sheet, Plastics, Unlaminated (except Packaging), Manufacturing, Springs, Clock & Watch, Made From Purchased Wire, Theater Schools, Timers for Industrial Use, Clockwork Mechanism, Manufacturing, Toluidines Manufacturing, Transitional Housing Agencies, Valonia Extract Manufacturing, Wolframite Mining and/or Beneficiating
Gate Guard - Canada National - Oil and Gas Field Services
(NAICS: 211112, SIC: 138, eSIC: 138-1389)

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Oil and Gas Field Services Salary Survey
(NAICS: 211112, SIC: 138, eSIC: 138-1389)

The Oil and Gas Field Services Salary Survey documents market-based pay data for 8 executive and 97 non-management salary benchmark jobs from up to three databases: digitized public sources, ERI Assessor Series data, and direct participants. The following information is reported for each job title (salary data are shown in means, medians, and percentile cuts):
  • Annual Salary
  • Incentive/Variable Pay
  • Total Direct Annual Compensation
  • Job Description
  • Graph with a Trend Line and Data Points
  • Selected Characteristics of the Occupation (SCO)*
Survey information is solicited through traditional mail, email, and online questionnaires. Each data submission is thoroughly screened by our team of experienced researchers prior to inclusion in a survey. No attempt is made to alter incumbent data as reported other than to normalize collected compensation amounts to a common date. Data collection begins October 1 and ends on March 31. Survey results are published annually in August, with an effective data date of March 31 of the given survey year.

*SCO work measures are optional (US only).

Example of Source Data Retrieval

ERI Assessor Series Survey graphs show or allow retrieval of source documents; click on any "dot." The graph below is derived from ERI Salary Survey Oil and Gas Field Services Salary Survey New Mexico. For entities who use competencies rather than jobs to describe work, review the competitive ranges reported by ERI's C3 Family Matrix. For job titles not in this survey, see ERI's unique Assessor Series products.

 Gate Guard 
Gate Guard
Survey Title: Oil and Gas Field Services Salary Survey
Area: 193000700000
Size: Large Organizations
$10,000,000 to $1 billion
Example from:  2008
 trend line is for-profits'
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