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Marketing and Sales Salary Survey
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ERI and its affiliates provide quality corporate planning salary survey data to over 10,000 subscribers, including government agencies, expert witnesses, courts, and professional compensation analysts. ERI Assessor Series report on a wide range of locations.

PAQ assists ERI in providing Global Salary Calculator values derived from job family (generalities) parsed by PAQ's eDOT Skills & Competency Project work measures.

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Academies, Military Service (College), Airline Ticket Offices, Arts, Entertainment & Recreation, Attachments, Powered Lawn & Garden Equipment, Manufacturing, Bacterins (Bacterial Vaccines) Manufacturing, Boy Guiding Organizations, Certification of Schools & Teachers, Chemical Research & Development Laboratories or Services, Columbium Ores Mining and/or Beneficiating, Condensate, Cycle, Natural Gas Production, Copper, Nickel, Lead & Zinc Mining, Cultivators, Powered, Lawn & Garden-Type, Manufacturing, General-Line Scrap Merchant Wholesalers, Gold Lode Mining and/or Beneficiating, Gold Ore Mining, Investment Funds, Closed-End, Lawn & Garden Tractor & Home Lawn & Garden Equipment Manufacturing, Make-Up (Cosmetics) Manufacturing, Mortgage Brokerages, Presses, Farm-Type, Manufacturing, Recyclable Materials (Glass, Metal, Paper) Merchant Wholesalers, Reservation (Airline, Car Rental, Hotel, Restaurant) Services, Rouge, Cosmetic, Manufacturing, Sachet, Scented, Manufacturing, Seminaries, Theological, Offering Baccalaureate or Graduate Degrees, Site Remediation Consulting Services, Spreaders, Farm-Type, Manufacturing, Students' Unions, Title Insurance Carriers, Real Estate, Direct, Tourist Information Bureaus, Tractors & Attachments, Lawn & Garden-Type, Manufacturing, Transportation Equipment Manufacturing, Tyuyamunite Mining and/or Beneficiating, Unions, Credit, Vanadium Ores Mining and/or Beneficiating


Aluminum Ingot Made From Purchased Aluminum, Aluminum Rod Made in Integrated Secondary Smelting & Extruding Mills, Blanks for Electric Light Bulbs, Glass, Made in Glass Making Plants, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve, Book Stores, Casements, Metal, Manufacturing, Cemeteries, Commercial Timing Mechanisms Manufacturing, Computer Training (except Repair), Concrete Additive Preparations (Curing, Hardening) Manufacturing, Dance Studios, Duplex (Side-By-Side) Construction General Contractors, Economic Consulting Services, Electrotype Plate Preparation Services, Fiberglass Insulation Products Manufacturing, Fittings, Soil & Pressure Pipe, Cast Iron, Manufacturing, HMO Medical Centers, Hospital Equipment & Supplies Merchant Wholesalers, Industrial Building Rental or Leasing, Men's & Boys' Cut & Sew Work Clothing Manufacturing, Pamphlets Printing without Publishing, Polishes (Automobile, Furniture, Metal, Shoe) Manufacturing, Precast Concrete Pipe Manufacturing, Riprap (except Limestone & Granite) Mining or Quarrying, Seismoscopes Manufacturing, Ship Dismantling (except At Floating Drydocks & Shipyards) Merchant Wholesalers, Spray Painting Equipment, Industrial-Type, Merchant Wholesalers, Tint & Dye Preparations, Household-Type (except Hair), Manufacturing, Trailer Hitches, Motor Vehicle, Manufacturing, Uncoated Groundwood Paper Mills, Varnishes Manufacturing, Video Tape Player Rental
Sales Clerk Retail - Canada National - Marketing and Sales

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Marketing and Sales Salary Survey

The Marketing and Sales Salary Survey documents market-based pay data for 134 benchmark jobs from up to three databases: digitized public sources, ERI Assessor Series data, and direct participants. The following information is reported for each job title (salary data are shown in means, medians, and percentile cuts):
  • Annual Salary
  • Incentive/Variable Pay
  • Total Direct Annual Compensation
  • Job Description
  • Graph with a Trend Line and Data Points
  • Selected Characteristics of the Occupation (SCO)*
Survey information is solicited through traditional mail, email, and online questionnaires. Each data submission is thoroughly screened by our team of experienced researchers prior to inclusion in a survey. No attempt is made to alter incumbent data as reported other than to normalize collected compensation amounts to a common date. Data collection begins October 1 and ends on March 31. Survey results are published annually in August, with an effective data date of March 31 of the given survey year.

*SCO work measures are optional (US only) and feature extended job descriptions and trended demographic estimates.

Example of Source Data Retrieval

ERI Assessor Series Survey graphs show or allow retrieval of source documents; click on any "dot." The graph below is derived from ERI Salary Survey Marketing and Sales Salary Survey Tennessee. For entities who use competencies rather than jobs to describe work, review the competitive ranges reported by ERI's C3 Family Matrix. For job titles not in this survey, see ERI's unique Assessor Series products.

 Sales Clerk Retail 
Sales Clerk Retail
Survey Title: Marketing and Sales Salary Survey
Area: 193000700000
Size: Large Organizations
$10,000,000 to $1 billion
Example from:  2008
 trend line is for-profits'
The following job titles are derived from the eDOT Skills & Competencies Project's 100,000+ list and are found in the Marketing and Sales Salary Survey: Account Supervisor, Account Supervisor, Advertising Manager, Aeronautical Sales Engineer, Area Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, Building Materials Sales Associate, Retail, Business Development Supervisor, Call Center Supervisor, Carpentry Services Sales Representative, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Day Care Sales Representative, District Sales Manager, Electrician Sales Representative, Export Sales Manager, Food Sales Clerk, Government Sales Supervisor, Hotel Sales Representative, Intermediate Care Sales Representative, Laundry Services Sales Representative, Lumber Sales Representative, Manufacturer's Sales Representative, Marketing Administration Supervisor, Marketing Associate, Medical Sales Representative, Merchandise Displayer, Movie Theater Products Sales Representative, New Automobile Sales Representative, New Home Sales Representative, Office Equipment Sales Representative, Office Equipment Sales Representative, Product or Brand Sales Manager, Radio & TV Broadcasting Sales Representative, Real Estate Sales Agent, Real Estate Sales Agent, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Clerk Retail, Sales Correspondent, Sales Correspondent, Sales Director, Sales Engineer, Sales Engineer, Sales Order Manager, Sales Supervisor, Sales Training Representative, Salesperson Flowers, Sporting Goods Sales Representative, Stereo Equipment Salesperson, Stereo Equipment Salesperson, Telemarketing Supervisor
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